Our Building Specifications

As an Energy Star Builder, Lago Homes is committed to building practices and
specifications that are energy efficient and sustainable.

We provide a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Analysis on each home we build. The HERS Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. It’s also the nationally recognized system for inspecting and calculating a home’s energy performance.

The HERS Report tells us how efficiently the home is designed and what modifications we can make for greater energy savings and greater resale value.

Some of our Energy Star Features

To comply with our status as an Energy Star Builder we incorporate the following items into the scope of the project.

1. Ensure the Exterior is Air Sealed

We apply spray foam insulation to all exterior walls, exposed floor joists and all ceiling joists and batt insulation of to all interior walls. Every wall in every home is insulated. A key Energy Star homes requirement is to ensure properly sealed exterior openings.

2. Use High-Performance Windows

We use windows with insulated frames and protective glass coatings for better
performance to help keep your home’s temperature regulated. Energy Star
requirements for homes include using windows that meet or exceed national
performance standards.

3. Efficient HVAC Equipment

To reduce energy consumption, Energy Star requirements for homes include
installing energy-efficient HVAC equipment.

We will guide homeowners to Energy Star certified furnace, heat pump, boiler, and
an Energy Star certified air conditioning unit. To optimize the efficiency of your HVAC
system we install smart thermostats with temperature learning features, such as
Nest or ecobee.

4. Install Water Management Measures

Energy Star homes must meet EPA’s water management requirements to control
rainfall and moisture. Moisture barriers are placed on foundation pads, yards are
sloped away from the home, and where necessary, underground drains are installed.
In addition, roof flashing, gutters to direct water away, and moisture-resistant
materials to prevent water damage are standard practices for Lago Homes.

5. Choose Efficient Appliances & Lighting

Appliances and lighting make up another large portion of energy consumption in a
household. While the ultimate selection is up to our client, we will guide our clients
to products that have earned Energy Star certifications to guarantee your home
appliances and lighting will meet the Residential New Construction Program

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