Lago Homes
Dedicated to building quality houses that become your welcoming home

We are custom home builders in Lago Vista, Texas. We believe that creating a custom home should be more than just working with an architect and contractor to build a structure. The final product should reflect who you are and support your current lifestyle and ultimately, the life you boldly imagine. We would be honored to join you on this journey.

Our Process

Our four-step approach to building a custom home is an integrated process that creates a real partnership with you, the homeowner, and everyone who works to create your home. The framework for a comprehensive approach to effectively managing your project while elevating community standards consists of the Project Analysis, Site Analysis, Design Phase, and Build Phase. Our process utilizes a hands-on approach with meticulous attention to detail.

Our Design

The custom home design process at Lago Homes goes far beyond selecting colors and finishes. Functionality is our most essential rule of design, and knowing our client or the potential buyer and understanding their design needs is key.

Our objective is to design custom homes that elevate our community. There is a delicate balance between respecting the historical design of a community and its unique geographic features and integrating current design styles and building technology. 

Our green-building philosophy is another key design consideration for Lago Homes. We evaluate everything from insulation products and processes to the paint on the wall in order to create a highly efficient, sustainable home that will last for generations.

Our Promise

There are many variables when building a home, and budget is always front and center. While the cost of building a home is a major consideration, it should never force us to compromise on quality or functionality. We understand the difference between cost-effective solutions and poor quality or products that will not stand the test of time.

We embrace the promise we make to our clients. We will work endlessly to find opportunities through operational efficiencies or just plain hard work to provide elegant efficiency and affordable quality.

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